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Love pools


5 oz bag ♡ Dead Sea Salt ,Epsom Salt,
essential oils, petals and herbs
Love pools
Bath Soak
Wild crafted with love .
Notes of Patchouli, Tangerine, Ylang-ylang
Rose petals: Attract love, health
and good luck
Hibiscus: Wake the sleeping dragon (Ignite passion)
What Is A Spiritual Bath?
Unlike a regular bath with soap, shampoo and water that cleanse the body, a spiritual bath works to cleanse the mind and spirit, using powerful ingredients that charge the bathwater with healing vibrations that help you remove blockages, hurts, pains and situations that are no longer serving you in any constructive way.
Natural salt is one of the most powerful ingredients to release any kind of negative energies, thoughts and feelings that are proving to be blockages in your path. Pink Himalayan salt, natural sea salt and Epsom salt are great for this purpose
Dead sea salt will purify your aura
While Epsom salt relaxes the muscles and helps eliminate toxins.
: Plant Essential Oils provide an aromatherapeutic, spa-like experience .
Add 3 scoops to a hot bath