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Brown candles are used for balance, grounding, stability, nurturing, Earth magick, home magick, friendships, material gain, attracts money, helps financial success, healing, longevity, beginnings, and renewal. Brown is the color of our Earth, and represents the element of Earth, and is very comforting, nurturing and stable.

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All products are meticulously handcrafted one detail (crystals, herbs, oils, and flowers) at a time. Given the unique approach Ebony has, all of your products are truly magickal and truly one of a kind. Such variations are inherent in the creating of handcrafted products, so you may expect minor distinctions that will make your purchase special and truly unique just like you!

Please use care and precautions when using candles. Burn at your own risk. It is recommended to place a lit candle on a heat resistant coaster/surface to prevent any possibility of heat damage. Ebonylane assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to misuse of candles and candle burning.


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