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Ebony's candles gave me exactly what I was looking for in the moment I needed it most. I reached out to her after seeing a friend's IG posting about her candles: how good they smell and the intention with which she creates them. I asked Ebony, in a DM, straight up, “what would you have for someone who is looking to go head forth in the choices she's been sitting on top of for some time because of fears that she knows are not really, real” And like the Fairy God Mother she truly is, got on a call with me and shared words of advice, a few remarkable book recommendations and said she had just the candle for me. Within the month, I was moving into my next place, connecting deeper with my family and friends, and going into the next phase of my journey on romantic love. I was so touched by her work, I sent candle gift-packages to 3 of my best friends. Ebony’s heart is as pure as her voice, her mind and her work. Gift yourself an experience with her candles, and if you’re lucky, her wisdom.

Ebonylane has changed my life this year
. At the beginning of 2021, I decided I wanted to quit my job as a waitress and start my own business as a life coach. I was utterly terrified. I was afraid of not having enough money, looking like an idiot on social media, and I was sure that when I actually got clients they would ask for their money back. 

I went to Ebonylane for Counseling. The first thing she did was squash my fears. She inspired me and encouraged me, not in a fake way, but I started to believe in myself because she really believes in me. She talked to me about the importance of being careful with my spoken words. I was saying all these fears out loud, A LOT, and she told me that words are powerful and to use them to encourage myself and my business, not the opposite.  

She gave me my candle and instructed me on how to use it. I set an intention for my new business and meditated on what I wanted. Then I start posting videos on social media. A month later I had 100K followers on Tiktok, 15K on Instagram, and my dream clientele booking 1:1 coaching programs with me. (I started with literally no following) In my first month of my business, I made more than I would’ve made in the restaurant. 

The magic of Ebonylane is powerful. But what is even more powerful is how she taught me to use the magical I already have within me. 

I’m addicted to Ebonylane products. I always have at least 3 candles in my apartment. Not only are they enhancing spiritually, they also look amazing and decorative in my apartment. The pink spells tea is essential, and I also get my bath salt and Palo Santo from her as well. 

I really needed guidance and ritual to support myself in my new career journey. Ebonylane has given me those things. I now feel confident enough performing daily rituals on my own and this helps to ground me before speaking to clients when my own fears come up. 

Ebonylane candles are absolute manifestation perfection. Hand poured with the utmost witchiness - I have had the privilege of witnessing some of her creations first hand and the power they emit when lit is instantly palpable. Her scents are carefully combined and the candles are decorated with vibrant crystals and natural flowers. These candles will light up and clear your space magically and will shift your vibrations in life-changing ways. You want abundance? Money? Love? Serenity? Ebony is the real deal: authentic, generous, and a leader - her candles will rock your world! Julia

Ebonylaneshop candles are the best! The fragrances are out of this world and the quality is legit. I don't get candles or oils from anywhere else. If you want a little magic in your life, these candles are IT!! I Promise, you won't be disappointed and the results will have you going back for more!!!  Tomasa 

I have been gifted or purchased many candles, crystals, spiritual items over the last 30 years. These candles top them all. Lovingly made by hand, slowly & methodically to insure the process is done properly, these are the real deal. This is not a trendy "artisanal" item made by a cash hungry corporation. These are  made with love & attention to detail, by someone who believes 100% in her product. Do yourself a favor & support a true spiritual artist, Ebonylane shop. 
        Josh Schneider
        Tattoo artist 
        Marginalized Tattoo 

Ebonylane’s candles are literal magic. They are also possibly the best smelling candles in the world. I wanted to eat them. Ebony takes time with her and care with her both products and her clients. I can’t stop telling my friends about the creativity candle. I’ll be buying one again soon!
Meg Swertlow 

Ebonylane’s creations are remarkably special. The emotional healing, inspiration and vibrations emanating from her packages are truly…magic. I really never expected to feel the intense wave of energy from her work. Not only did I feel release and joy- but I felt seen. Ebony provided me a consultation, which was more like a private chat with a spiritual, funny, sassy, kind, genuine healer. She then customized a box specifically for me. And it was crystals, tea, candles, flowers. I was awed and delighted. And wow! The fragrant delights! The smell was more delicious than any, ever. Everyone who comes over constantly comments on how our home smells…and feels. 

I have recommended Ebonylane dozens of times over and will Continue to do so. I’m just so thankful she came into my life. My manifestations are in progress. I’m healing and more centered - much to the thanks of Ebonylane. Truth. (Cannot wait to order more!)
Alisha Gaddis 

Ebonylane Candles are pure magic. They look and smell amazing and pack a magical punch! I’ve been using Ebonylane products since the beginning and they have added such beauty, peace and joy to my life. 

Ebony’s products blow me away! Two words: ROSE PETALS 

Her intention driven candles, incense & tea are the real deal! Watching her beautiful process of creating these is very inspiring and felt in ever burn. Everything she makes is so beautiful!! Thank you for adding to the earth’s vibration and brightening up Los Angeles too! Bespoke & awesome, I recommend Ebonylane :) 
P.S. I need more candles, thinking about the prosperity or money is green?? Oh! The tea has been a life saver when I’ve had too much coffee ✨